Michigan Portfolios

High School Portfolio Examples?

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Multi-media Presentations/Examples?

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Michelle’s First Grade Writing Portfolio

Here are the five writing pieces of Michelle’s First Grade Portfolio.  By utilizing the rudimentary “First Grade Rating Values” placed just after Michelle’s writing, you could examine her first writing and her last writing, give each a “rating score,” and then reflect on both “Michelle’s growth as a writer” over the school year and also “next steps” you would recommend for Michelle’s teacher to take in advancing her further writing development.  Michelle’s writing portfolio for the year is excerpted from The Portfolio Guidebook.

Student Writing Samples from Alexander Elementary, 2011

Here are straight up, un-described writing samples from students of several grade levels.  You could discuss “what we see” in terms of “what the writer is able to do,” and in terms of “what the teacher and writer might work on next.”  Sometimes, in getting started, this is a more fluid conversation when it does not involve writing from your home school.  You could also give these writings “rating scores” utilizing the K-4 Rubrics available in this “Portfolio Examples,” section.  That would be a way to start, or to continue, a conversation with colleagues about what kind of portfolio reflection you might wish to do at your school.


Below are two student portfolios of Kindergarten writings.  Included are samples of Beginning of the Year, Middle of the Year, and End of the Year writings.

Fourth Grade:

Below are samples of Fourth Grade Writers’ works.  Enclosed for each writer are multiple drafts of two papers–a “Narrative” writing and a “Magic Hat Essay.”

Single Writing Samples from Alexander Elementary, 2010

Kindergarten and Second Grade

Here are single writing samples from several students, three at Kindergarten and one at Second Grade, presented for possible “rating” by a rubric and for further reflection.