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    Students, teacher, and computers

    Welcome to the National Writing Projects of Michigan (NWPM) Portfolio Writing Assessment Website.  This site is intended to serve educators who are part of National Writing Project work in Michigan, but it is also designed and intended to serve other interested educators within and beyond Michigan borders.

    NWPM is made up of 11 sites throughout the state, all affiliated with the National Writing Project, whose home base is in Berkeley, California.

    Editors of the Michigan Portfolios Website are:

    • Richard Koch, Adrian College, Director, Michigan Portfolios Website
    • Jean Petterson, Adrian Public Schools, Assistant Site Director
    • Troy Hicks, Central Michigan University
    • Andrea Zellner, Michigan State University
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    Project Title: Digital Portfolios in the Classroom — A Teacher Research Project

    Jessica Cleland
    Language Arts 8/Honors Language Arts 9
    Clarkston Junior High School

    Why Portfolios are Important

    Four years ago, implementing digital portfolios in the classroom became one of my most important educational endeavors. The most exciting thing for me about the use of digital portfolios is to see the pride students have about their growth as readers, writers and thinkers throughout the school year.  It is also exciting to see the parents’ reactions to their child’s growth throughout the school year.  However, the most significant thing for me is the knowledge that the work I am doing is critical in propelling the conversation forward about the way we assess students’ learning.

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