Michigan Portfolios


Richard Koch
NWPM Portfolio Website Director
rkoch@adrian.edu or info@michiganportfolios.org

As the website Director, I am the keeper of this website on behalf of, and at the direction of, the NWPM collaborative.  I have been asked to offer design ideas to make this the most worthwhile website possible, and I have been asked to manage the site to help keep our work coherent and useful.  Most of my career has been in the area of Teaching Writing and also African American Studies at Adrian College.  I first began my writing project work in the Iowa Writing in the eighties and have facilitated quite a few summer institutes in Iowa and Michigan.  I’m co-author of a practical book on this subject, The Portfolio Guidebook:  Implementing Quality in an Age of standards.  Before that, and since then, I have worked with quite a few individuals and districts interested in making use of portfolios.  In the fall of 2008 I was invited by the National Writing Project to speak about the Portfolio Assessment revival at the National Meeting in San Antonio.

Jean Petterson
NWPM Website Asst. Director

As the website Assistant Director, I will collaborate with Richard on all of the functions he discusses above.  I am Writing Coordinator for Adrian Public Schools, and also I am the other co-author of The Portfolio Guidebook.   I have taught every grade K-5 at some point in my teaching career, and I have been the manager and guide for Adrian Public School’s intensive portfolio assessment work Grades K-4 for the last ten years.  My own personal Writing Project experience began years ago when I was a participant in a New Hampshire Summer Institute in which Donald Graves, Donald Murray, and Nancie Atwell were among the teachers.  Richard and I have worked together as facilitators in a three-year project with Cedar Rapids.