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We think portfolios are “state of the art” assessment practice, so we are delighted to bring you “Michigan Portfolios” from the National Writing Projects of Michigan. Portfolios are, as we say elsewhere on the site, “meaningful collections of student work.”  In our case, we are talking about meaningful collections of student writing.  Portfolios compiled from classroom work can show what students are able to do far better than tests.  Portfolios can make it possible for all stakeholders to see how our learners are doing.  Portfolios can make it possible for schools to “showcase” the best their students can do and also to “document growth” over time powerfully and helpfully.


Communication of today and in the future, when it is not face-to-face, may occur most frequently and effectively in digital space. Already there is a large gap between student interest in and capability with electronic technology and the non-electronic daily practices of much schooling.  J. P. Gee talks of over-hearing a fifth grader say how he has to “power down” when he goes to school.  At the same time, it may be that students’ lives will actually be more enhanced and empowered by electronic media when schools “catch up” and offer digital opportunities that support deep study and important human goals.

We intend for this site to help educators in the catching up process by our support of portfolio practice in digital space.  Many advanced educators have already begun this important work.  Of course, It cannot be our purpose to do “all things.”  Our site is intended to 1.  guide and coach those new to portfolio work,  2.  provide a forum and reflective conversation space for those already involved in portfolio work,  3. to offer new ideas and possibilities for portfolios, as we create or come upon them, and  4. to bridge participants to other rich sites related to portfolios–such as the New Tech High School Portfolios and the New Zealand Curriculum Exemplars that can be accessed currently by going to “Resources” and then “Links” on our site.

Right now we know our site looks like a website that is getting set up–it is a bit labor intensive to use and not as “active” and powerful as we plan for it to be.  We thank you for your patience while we build a site.  We envision video of student-led conferences on their portfolios, of teachers reflecting about their teaching practice, and of students reading their writing before various audiences.

However, we also plan to remain “studious” in our approach–so it may be a site that always asks for a little patience.  Thank you for joining us.  Your comments and questions about this message, and about the website overall, are invited.  We’re excited about beginning to get your ideas–so we can build the site together.

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